Opening Soon

Due to the mental and physical toll this operation has taken we have determined that we will cease operation fully. This wind down will occur over the next few months. Pending orders will be shipped as product arrives. No new product will be posted. We have made this decision due to lack of retailer support from Vendors as well as constant negative margins due to damage and high employee labor hours. Members of my staff have also had to endure hateful statements up to and including death threats. Things like this take the joy out of the hobby of Pops, and we will not be complicit in people talking to others in such a way. We set out to make the total pop buying experience better, but it is obvious to us that a lot of the issues that occur are beyond the retailers control. When you are dealing with a product that has extremely low margins you must account for all costs including the hours spent responding to disappointed customers and countless refunds given due to being shorted product from vendors, delayed product, product destroyed in shipping, etc, etc. This decision has been made in order to preserve the health of our parent company, and we appreciate the support we have had over time. In the coming weeks we will begin our excess inventory sell off. Thank you again. We want to stress that all pending orders will be filled as product arrives. Currently we hope to see the last large batch of product around the end of august time frame. We will also enable the page after inventorying items for our inventory sell off, hopefully by the middle of July. Thank you for all your support over the last year

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